Hail/Storm Damage

Welcome to the Paoletti Construction Hail and Storm Damage Division.

Paul Paoletti
Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer

Joe Paoletti
Project Manager
Hail Damage Expert
15 years experience
Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer

"I was very pleased with everyone from Paoletti Construction. They finalized things with my insurance company and installed my job in 1 day. The workers were fantastic, true craftsmen of the siding trade. We have had bad experiences in the past, so I was sure glad to use such a reliable company."

- Mr. Ford; Parkville, MD

Paoletti Construction also specializes in hail and wind damage repairs. This means that we work with affected homeowners, their insurance companies and assist our customers throughout the entire claim process. We help to ensure proper compensation and once you are approved, we provide professional, start-to-finish installations using only top grade materials.

Trust Us for Your Roofing Claims

Hail and wind can damage many components of a home's exterior. It is largely known for damaging different types of roofing systems as well as aluminum siding. Hail can also damage aluminum gutters, trim capping, shutters and screens as well.

Several wind and hailstorms will/have passed through Maryland and Virginia so far this year, causing damage across the region. If you live where a hailstorm recently struck and you suspect you may have sustained damage, we encourage you to act right away. Call now to schedule your free hail damage inspection!

During this inspection, one of our qualified representatives will thoroughly assess your house. He will then sit down with you and discuss with you the particulars of your situation. Our expert will tell you everything you need to know and answer all your questions so you can move forward with confidence, knowing you are in good hands by working with us.

Paoletti Construction will then go to work for you and help to get you approved for the damages. This is where our expertise and experience truly pays off. We specialize in working with insurance companies and we know what is required for you to receive the best possible outcome - a job done completely and correctly!

Remember, when it comes to insurance claims, you don't want to receive an unfair decision and you don't want to face your insurance company alone. That's why if you think you have sustained hail damage from a recent storm, we recommend that you call us BEFORE you contact your insurance company and that you call us right away!

Call the Paoletti Construction Hail Damage Team at (301) 767-7829.

"This company worked extremely hard on my behalf and got me approved through my insurance company. But, more than anything, the workmanship was great. We were very pleased and would highly recommend them." - Mr. Gardner; Parkville, MD